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MOG Gear Rave

You can have your own printed ID-Card for the MOG Gear Rave in the Four Runners Club. In order to have your correct Gearname and an optional Photo of You on that Cards, please add your information in the fields below and request your card.


You can only request an ID Card when you have a valid Ticket for the upcoming MOG Gear Rave, which will take place on the 25th of May in the Four Runners Club Asperg (Stuttgart).

Valid Ticket

For each requested ID-Card you will need an valid event ticket. You need to enter the FULL Ticket ID and THE LAST FOUR Symbols of the Ticket Barcode to order your personal ID Card.

Social Link

You can fill in an social link (e.g. Instagram, Linktree) that will be added as an qr code to your ID Card.


You can upload an image of you that will be printed onto the ID Card. Note, that only appropriate images will be print onto the Cards. You can always request an ID Card without a photo since this is only optional.

Pickup ID Card

Your printed Card will be available for pickup at the event entrance. Please still have your personal ID and your ticket with you.

MOG Gear Rave - ID Card Request

Ticket Information

First Name
Last Name

ID Card Information

Maximum file size: 10MB